Oh Hi!

I’m Jade, a twenty something food obsessed daydreamer & designer.

I like to think my great love for food and gatherings stemmed from my childhood. Growing up in a family filled with foodies, I guess I had no choice! I remember picnics in nature reserves which were always accompanied by grans vanilla sponge cake, smothered in fluffy vanilla buttercream and topped off with delicate crumbs of a cadburbys flake – my favourite part.

Sunday family lunches always consisted of a lamb neck and green string bean curry.

Before I go any further let me just add that when you are born and raised in Durban, curry is part of your staple diet. Let me tell you, you cant quiet beat a real durban curry. Just the mere thought of it makes my mouth water. And yes anyone who knows me knows Indian food is my absolute weakness!

So back to the subject. Sunday lunches. On top of a beautiful curry, there was always fried chicken, macaroni cheese made only the way gran knew how and topped with her signature crushed bran flakes. Yes it sounds slightly unusual but trust me it was a match made in heaven! As if all this wasn’t enough, you were guaranteed to have some good old fashioned roast potatoes added to the table. The kind that were garlicky and crispy on the outside with that oh-so-good melt in your mouth center.

As I’m typing this I can smell the scent of delicately simmering spices and curry leaves wafting from her kitchen entwined with the aroma of garlic fried chicken. Oh boy!

Then there was my mums baking. As far back as I can remember there was always homemade morsels in our kitchen. From wickedly decedent boomy hills to her signature carrot cake topped with cream cheese buttercream and pecans.

Definitely were my love for baking developed.

 The biggest foodie of all is my dad. With his adventurous palette he introduced me to the amazing world of cuisine. One thing I frequently reminisce is our family dinners down at the wharf, slurping fresh tobasco soaked oysters. The kind that tasted like the refreshing indian ocean on a firey summers day.

From that to spending hours in the kitchen constructing prawn ravioli – without a machine I might add. Yet there was enough to feed a small army. Crayfish cooked over the braai, saturated in garlic lemon butter. Beer bread baked in our wood fired pizza oven, smeared with lashings of butter and dunked in a hot potjie.

By this stage I was so obsessed with cooking I spent most of my time glued to BBC Food, scribbling down as many recipes as I could keep up with. I’m eternally grateful to the likes of Jamie, Nigella and Rick Stein for the tips and tricks.

Once I was done with school and attended enough Christina Martin cooking classes to inspire my being, and feed my belly. I realized I wanted to be a chef. But being the teenager I was, I just decided to start working instead. Jumping from one waitressing job to the next.

That all changed when one day my dad surprised me with a beautiful little coffee shop situated in the south of Durban. By far the best practical learning experience I could have had and all this at the age of 19.

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A good few years later and here I am. In my mid twenties trying to find a balance between my passion design, travel and my really bad sweet tooth.

And so, I leave you with this. A blog dedicated to my love of baking, slow living and all things pretty. It slowly be filled recipes, food adventures to some of my favorite spots & local markets.

To top it all off I may just thrown in a cake tutorial or two.

After all that’s what got me here. .

View More: http://helloharbour.pass.us/glamping-styled-shoot-final