Apple & Cinnamon Pancakes


Lazy weekends, waking up to the gentle summer rain rolling down the windows. Those are the kind of days that are basically telling you it’s OK to do nothing other than laze around in your comfiest pajamas while whipping up something delicious.

I adore a good pancake, they require very little effort, yet are incredibly satisfying for breakfast or even better a midnight treat! I feel like the fact that these pancakes contain apples and cinnamon means you can totally justify eating one to many and it being OK.


Small Batch ~ Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Pancakes:

Makes 6 pancakes.

1 ½ cup cake flour

3 tablespoon brown sugar

1 tablespoon baking soda

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon ginger

A pinch of salt

1 egg

200ml milk

1 large apple – grated

Coconut Oil


  • Add flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, ginger and salt to a bowl and mix until well combined.


  • In a separate small bowl whisk together the milk and egg.
  • Add liquid to your bowl of dry ingredients, and whisk together until a deliciously smooth batter forms.
  • At this it’s time to add your grated apples, mix again until evenly distributed.


  • Heat a heavy based frying pan on medium heat. Add your coconut oil and allow a few seconds to melt.
  • Using a large spoon scoop generous dollops of the batter in to the pan. Keep a close eye on them, if they turn golden a little too quick, turn down the heat slightly.
  • When the pancakes start to form lots of bubbles on the surface, it’s time to flip them!
  • Cook on the other side until the turn a beautiful golden brown.
  • Remove the pancakes from the pan and settle them on some paper towel until you ready to assemble.
  • Stack the pancakes, drizzle with heaps of honey and some toasted sunflower seeds.


* These fluffy morsels of deliciousness are even better when served with a hot cup of coffee.



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