The Cake Life

For those of you who don’t know, I’m an avid cake baker. I’ve been baking and decorating wedding and novelty cakes for the past three years. It was one of those things that sort of just happened. The kind of thing you just enjoy as a little hobby – a home baked cake for tea with the girls, but somehow develops into something a tad bigger. From a batch of innocent cupcakes topped with couple of sprinkles to a rather daunting four tier chocolate ganache wedding cake on a hot summers day.
Constructing a wedding cake is quiet the challenge, I think that’s what makes me crave it. Each order is completely different and comes with its own set of “how on earth did this become so complicated” and “that’s it! this is the last cake I’m making!” Yet once the cake is complete and standing in front of me, and even better – in one piece! The passion just grows and with each cake I’ve had the privilege of making I’ve become a little more obsessed with baking yet another one.
On top of making a cake look pretty, it’s so important that it taste good to. Trust me theres nothing worse then buying a cake or even a slice of cake for that matter that looks good and well put together on the outside, but on taking the first mouthful you frantically start looking for that glass of milk to wash down the dry crumbs that have accumulated in the back of your throat.
Using whole. pure ingredients. Making it from scratch. Those are the keys to scrumptiously addictive cake, that keeps them coming back for more!
 When I first stared decorating cakes I absolutely love decorating with fondant and hand made sugar flowers. But as things developed and trends changed, being able to use earthy organic elements on a cake is definitely something I love. Berries, Figs, homemade caramel and fresh floral’s.
Just think about them gets the creative juices flowing!!



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