For the Love of Naked Cakes

I’m sure you have all heard of Naked Cakes? Its all the rage in Wedding cakes these days, and oh boy for good reason!!


They have an organic simple flare, yet its simplicity speaks volumes.

This hot trend has been growing internationally for the past couple of years, and South Africa is picking up on this exquisite trend!

Whether your big day is classy and elegant or has that rustic organic feel.

The Naked Cake satisfies all.


Sticking to decorating a cake with natural elements just enhances there beauty. From fresh summer berries to delicate florals, even sprigs of herbs and succulents to make a statement.

Untitled BLOG

Something unique and ever so striking is to use colourful glazes, drizzles of gooey caramel, crushed meringues and of course shaving of chocolate.



Naked Cakes are your ‘oyster’ and they list of elements you can decorate them with are indeed endless. Thus you can design them to tie in with almost any wedding theme!!

Whether you planning your big day, a kitchen tea or even a baby shower. You cannot go wrong with a naked cake.



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